About MedValue

Our healthcare system needs to find ways to make health innovations more affordable, more effective and more beneficial to patients. This requires closer collaboration between industry, SMEs, start-ups, clinicians, patients, governments and insurers. Only by joining forces can we create a significant impact on healthcare.

Our Methods

We always consider the impact that the innovation has on the entire healthcare value-chain. When offering our products, we look at your innovation from the following perspectives:

  • The patient (as an added value of the innovation for the patient)
  • Society (the sustainability and affordability of the innovation)
  • The company (the profitability and contribution to the business continuity)
  • The hospital, from the perspective of the medical specialist (acceptance of the innovation in the clinical field)

All of our analyses and recommendations are independent, neutral and solely based on existing medical evidence. In the video below, Professor of Evidence-Based Surgery, Dr. Maroeska Rovers explains why Radboud University Medical Center believes in the power of MedValue.


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