MedValue helps companies determine the added value of their innovation by using scientific knowledge and our inputs in healthcare. With this collaboration we create a strong combination of business, science and healthcare to contribute to a better, more efficient and affordable healthcare! 

Sabine Mulders Maroeska _11 Miranda _web  
Dr. Sabine Mulders
T: 06-11718826
Prof. Maroeska Rovers
Miranda Alberda
Proces Coördinator
T: +31(0)24-36 68170
Jorte Tim _web Paulien Foto Stan
Jorte Nijboer MSc
Advisor medical innovations - customer management
T: 06-16469618
Dr. Tim Govers
Advisor medical innovations - HTA specialist
Paulien Govaert MSc
Advisor medical innovations - HTA specialist
Stan Wijn MSc
Advisor medical innovations - HTA specialist
Janneke Marcia Tummers Jan Rongen  
Dr. Janneke Grutters
Scientific advisor
Dr. Marcia Tummers
Scientific advisor
Dr. Jan Rongen
Scientific advisor
Richard _26      
Richard van den Broek MBA

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