What we offer

MedValue helps companies discover the added value of their innovations for patients, healthcare professionals, health insurers and society. This leads to sustainable and significant medical innovations that help entrepreneurs gain and maintain success.

MedValue offers specific expertise in the field of early health technology assessment. Our independent and evidence-based analyses and advice will help you determine the following at an early stage:

  • Whether your innovation can be launched in a cost-effective way and the evidence-based actions required to make it happen
  • Whether and to what extent your innovation will lead to patient health benefits compared to conventional and Gold Standard treatment methods
  • Whether your innovation will be accepted by the  stakeholders involved and the methods to catalyze acceptance and adoption
  • Whether your innovation’s health benefits will have sufficient improvement potential to successfully market your product
  • Whether patients can submit insurance claims for your innovation
  • Whether your innovation can create opportunities for market expansion through application in other medical contexts

In addition, the MedValue team offers access to clinicians, researchers and patients for carrying out trials. MedValue also has access to state-of-the-art field labs for testing and validating your innovation. 

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